How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience In the Year 2024?

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience In the Year 2024?
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It is no secret at all that digital marketing is in demand today. Any company currently operating anywhere globally will have some kind of online presence. So, do you want to learn how to start a digital marketing agency with no experience? Huh! If your answer is yes, then it is a wild ride. However, it is not as daunting as it seems to be in 2024. Here we are talking about How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience In the Year 2024.

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As the digital world is continuously expanding, there is a golden opportunity for newcomers to make their mark in the digital world. The research has suggested that global spending on digital advertising is projected to reach staggering figures of $645+ by the end of 2024. So, there is a chance for the newcomers to ride the wave of the industry growth.

 However, starting a digital marketing agency without experience is unlike walking in the park. There is a need for diligence, patience, dedication, hard work, and the right information. 

We are discussing How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience In the Year 2024.:

Starting from scratch- how do you create a digital marketing agency from scratch? 

The advertising age of today has already taken a new meaning with the advent of AI power tools and machine learning, which has transformed the whole digital landscape. For example, let’s consider social media marketing. So, some platforms offer AI-driven software for scheduling and content suggestions. All this makes it quite convenient for newcomers to craft the most engaging social media content and helps businesses make a bold online presence. 

Why start a digital marketing agency? 

Before we dive into the specifics of how to start a digital marketing agency with no money or no experience, we try to explain why you should start your digital marketing agency: 

  • Digital marketing work from home or remote teams

This is the greatest advantage of starting a digital marketing agency. There is no need to have the physical presence of your business. So, the operations can be performed through emails and chats. As a digital marketing agency owner, you can minimize the cost. 

  • Can I start my digital marketing agency with no experience?
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Having prior experience in SEO, PPC, and Google Adverts will give you an edge. But today, due to the powerful learning platforms and AI-based tools, it is possible for you to develop digital marketing skills. You can enroll in the digital marketing course and practice on your website to provide the best services to clients. 

  • Become your boss. 

Starting your digital marketing agency is a good idea if you don’t want to hook up to the 9-5 job. 

  • Scalable business 

Starting a digital marketing agency can help you to get more clients once you have people and grow the business. 

  • Low investment 

There is no need to make a big investment from the start. All you will require is an internet connection, an online presence, a subscription to some tools, and staff members, and you can start preparing for your digital marketing agency. 

  • Find if there is a need for your services in the market. 

Once you start to set up your digital marketing agency with no experience, your first and foremost priority should be to ensure the demand for your offerings. This is something which is not short of climatic for compelling reasons. As you should know, a big crowd of agencies is already there vying for attention in the competitive digital landscape. 

  • Choose your niche 

According to the research conducted by the B2B marketing zone, some agencies specializing in a particular niche have a 68% greater chance of winning proposals. This is in comparison to the general focus. Let’s look at another fact: Today’s new-age digital marketing agency will provide a similar service as in 2023. But by carving a specific niche, you can reduce the direct competition. This will make it more likely that your digital marketing agency can become a go-to choice for all the businesses looking for expertise in that specific area and industry. 

  • Decide on a digital marketing agency type. 

Deciding upon the agency type is something that is going to ripple throughout your business. This will shape the specialization of your agency, clientele base, and service offerings with the entire digital strategy. The options are quite diverse. This ranges from SEO agencies, content marketing agencies, and social media marketing agencies in comparison to the comprehensive and full-service digital marketing company. 

  • Digital marketing agency registration as an official business 
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So, now we start to enter into a more serious phase!  You have to register your digital agency as the official business! This is a foundational step for deciding your endeavor’s legal and financial structure. It is very important because it will instill trust in your clients, provide you with liability protection, and ensure compliance with the legal and regularity framework. 

Some aspects taken care of in this stage include picking up a unique business name and deciding on a legal structure that best suits your digital agency, for example, partnership, proprietorship, or LLC(limited liability company). The next is taxation, which will provide your company tax advantages, business banking for financial operations, and ensuring that your digital agency complies with legal, state, and federal regulations. 

  • Creating an official website and building an online presence 

One undeniable fact is that setting up an official website for your digital marketing agency will provide you with an edge. It is the bread and butter for launching any new digital marketing agency.

Steps start a digital marketing agency with no experience in the year 2024

So, are you all set to take a plunge into the digital marketing world? If yes, without any further ado, let’s find out the steps on how to start a digital marketing agency with no experience:

  • Picking up tools 

Picking the most appropriate tools and assembling a team of creatives is like nailing a punch for any new digital marketing agency. During the initial stages, it is critical to specify the online marketing skills your digital company should have.

 It is crucial to have a complete grasp of the service portfolio, undertaking procedures of researching/ acquiring the most suitable tools for every task. Some of the top-notch tool choices for your future digital agency in 2024 include: 

  • Communication 

Slack, Trello,, Infinity, Skype, Zoom 

  • Social media tools 

Buffer, SocialPilot, Plainly, Intellifluence, Instajet, Semrush 

  • Tools for automation 
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Channable, GetResponse, Justuno, Ziflow, Copper 

  • Workflow and management of operations 

Some workflow and operation management tools include Productive, Screendragon, Height,, Synergist, and Teamwork. 

  • Developing team 

Now, it is time to take a role in your future crew. Finding the perfect team initially is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But things take time, and you need patience and diligence to get what you need. 

The size and the mix of your crew will depend on the scope of your digital marketing agency. 

  • Some common roles you need to hire to ensure your agency’s success include CMO, content writer, digital marketer, social media manager, and SEO specialist. But you should remember that creating a team is not just like checking roles from your list. 
  • In fact, as a digital marketing agency owner, you need to bring together all the individuals who are genuinely thriving in the industry. The team players are expected to bring the required skills, talent, experience, and ambition to the table while excelling in communication and collaboration. 


And this is how you can start a digital marketing agency without prior experience. It might be the same as a lot of work. But you need to be patient and diligent and take one step at a time. In the realm of the digital space of today, taking a plunge on how to start a digital marketing agency with no experience is like jumping towards the deep end.

 The current landscape is like a silver lining, especially with the advent of AI tools. Creating a concrete business model, putting together that team of passionate people, approaching client acquisition, creativity, hard work, and determination, everything goes into setting your ball rolling. 

So, in the digital age of boundless possibilities, simply be ready to arm yourself with the determination and newfound knowledge in this blog to set sail on the exciting adventure of starting your digital marketing agency in 2024!

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