How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing? 2024 Guide 

How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing? 2024 Guide 
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Today, digital marketing has become a permanent practice to fulfill the goals of any business. Hiring professional digital marketers has already become necessary for every industry and sector. It is crucial to have the most appropriate digital campaign in place for the smooth and successful implementation of any business objective in the current times. Here, we are talking about How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing? 2024 Guide.

Since businesses must be competent in today’s competitive landscape, digital marketers must carry out online marketing activities that can create impactful digital footprints so that the business remains at the top of consumers’ minds.

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Today, despite the size of the companies, whether big, medium, or small, everyone prefers the digital marketer to be employed across the disciplines. However, the demand for digital marketers is out-spacing the supply. The professional must thoroughly understand the online marketing system to perform the activities adequately to bring real and measurable results. 

This blog section will give you a fair idea of the opportunities that await you as a fresher or experienced digital marketer. Also, you will learn how to get a digital marketing job in 2024.

We are discussing How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing? 2024 Guide:

Digital marketing in 2024 

Digital marketing entails the practice of utilizing the Internet as well as digital technologies to reach the target audience. This field is heavily growing as well as evolving. According to the State of Marketing Trend report, released by HubSpot in 2023, the top three marketing channels for carrying marketing of B2C & B2B are social media, web or blogging, and email marketing, which remain the most popular.  

The Statista report cited that the global digital advertising budget in 2021 was 521.02 billion American dollars, which is projected to rise to $ 876 billion by the end of 2026. Now, in the next section, let’s read on to discover the different marketing roles and how to get a job in digital marketing in 2024. 

Perks to become a digital marketer 

The digital marketer role is a challenging but also quite rewarding career choice. 

It is due to several reasons, which include: 

  • Utilizing the latest marketing technology, methodologies as well as trends 
  • Having an array of career choices with attractive salary packages 
  • Leveraging an extensive range of skills, experience which include creativity as well as strategic thinking 
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Keep reading to discover the digital marketing jobs and what steps you can take to land the one that you simply aspire: 

Digital marketing jobs 

Here is a category of digital marketing jobs 

Entry-level digital marketing jobs 

  • Digital marketing assistant 

The professional is earning around Rs16000 in a month. They will be supporting the digital marketing manager as well as a team for conducting research, finding reports, and assisting in creating digital marketing campaigns. 

  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization writer 

The starting salary is around Rs 15000-20000 a month. The SEO writer crafts content for websites, conducts keyword research, updates existing content, and monitors the rankings on web pages in search engine results. 

  • Social Media Specialists 

The social media specialist is earning Rs 25000 as a start. The social media specialist will create and publish the social media content on the business’s behalf. Also, they will maintain the social media pages, track analytics, and develop relationships with followers. 

Mid-level digital marketing roles 

  • SEO/SEM Search Engine Marketing Manager 

The SEO/SEM marketing manager is earning around Rs 45000 a month. They will be conducting the research, implementing the latest methodology for increasing the traffic to the website, monitoring competitors’ SEO/SEM strategies, refining keyword site, layout, and content, and executing PPC and paid advertising techniques. 

  • Content Manager 

The content manager will be earning around 70,000 a month. The professional will oversee the company’s digital marketing strategy, managing campaigns, evaluating performance, and crafting new and innovative digital marketing strategies. 

Senior-level digital marketing roles 

  • Digital Marketing Director 

The digital marketing director is earning a package offer of around 25,20081/ year. The professional will oversee the entire digital marketing strategy of the business, analyzing the marketing campaign’s success while staying updated on marketing trends. 

  • Executive Director Marketing 

The executive director of marketing will have a package of around Rs 2000000 in a year. They will be looking into the business’s marketing operations, managing the annual budget to allocate marketing resources, building and managing relationships with media outlets, setting marketing department goals, and implementing new and innovative technologies. 

  • Chief Marketing Officer(CMO) 

The chief marketing officer is earning around ₹23,66,834/yr. He or she will oversee the company’s marketing programs, supervise marketing managers, set up the department of processes, drive strategy, and plan and maintain marketing industry knowledge.

Guide on how to get a job in digital marketing 2024 

Without waiting anymore! Here are some of the best tips on how to get a job in digital marketing successfully

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Get value from your digital marketing course 

So now you have decided to take a job in digital marketing. But whatever your choice of education, try to get the maximum out of it. The search in demand for competent professionals in online marketing has already led to the setting of some of the best Digital Marketing institutes in India & worldwide. They will give you an exceptional understanding of all the modules and elements incorporating the online marketing system. 

Choose your specialization in digital marketing. 

Once you understand the different modules and constituents of online marketing, choose the niche you want to work in. This means finding what all elements of marketing pique your unique interest. For example, you can combine your writing skills with understanding search engines, crafting remarkable content, and optimizing the same for SEO. 

Some of the niches that you can choose in digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Brand Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing & Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing 

Develop impressive portfolio 

If you lack the experience to show up during job interviews, you can compensate for this with the help of a stunning portfolio. A stunning portfolio should inspire confidence in the abilities that you have within the eyes of the employer. 

Craft Stellar CV 

CV is very crucial whether you are a fresher or experienced professional. It will delineate all the strengths and achievements, everything in one place. In case you are a fresher, CV is paramount. Make sure to include everything you know already and whatever you have achieved during your education in digital marketing. 

Make through an internship program. 

The internships are also an amazing way to enhance your knowledge in digital marketing and acquire hands-on experience. You will get the chance to showcase your skills and knowledge, and this will prepare you to land a better job within the same or different organization. 

Optimize online presence 

As a seeker of a digital marketing job, optimize your online presence during your job search process. You can use your social media profile to post content about your digital marketing skills. Update your LinkedIn profile, mentioning your education, experience, and skills. 

Scour through job portals. 

You can search the common job sites, for example, Naukri, Linked In, Glass Door, and Indeed, to seek digital marketing jobs. You need to collect the job listings that match your experience level, career goals, and salary expectations.

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What skills are essential to secure a job in digital marketing?

This question addresses the key skills employers look for, such as proficiency in social media, SEO, content creation, analytics, and familiarity with digital marketing tools.

What educational background is ideal for a career in digital marketing?

This question explores the educational paths that can enhance one’s prospects in digital marketing, whether it’s a degree in marketing, communications, business, or specialized courses in digital marketing.

How important is gaining practical experience in digital marketing for job seekers?

This focuses on the significance of practical experience, including internships, freelance projects, or personal digital marketing initiatives, in building a strong foundation and making candidates more attractive to employers.

What steps can one take to build a strong digital marketing portfolio?

This question addresses the importance of a portfolio and suggests steps such as showcasing relevant projects, campaigns, or certifications to demonstrate practical skills and accomplishments.

What networking strategies can be effective in the digital marketing industry?

Networking is crucial. This question explores strategies such as attending industry events, joining online communities, and connecting with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn to expand one’s network and discover job opportunities.

How does staying updated with industry trends impact job prospects in digital marketing?

Staying current is vital. This question discusses the importance of keeping up with the latest trends, tools, and algorithm changes in digital marketing to demonstrate adaptability and relevance to potential employers.

What common challenges do job seekers face in the digital marketing job market?

Understanding the challenges provides insights into potential obstacles. This question may cover issues like high competition, evolving job requirements, or the need for a diverse skill set and offers guidance on navigating these challenges successfully.


So here is the answer to your question,” How do I get a job in digital marketing.” By following the tips above, you can acquire the desired position as a fresher in the globalized digital marketing world. Since most businesses have already ventured into the online domain, they will search for different and innovative methods to get the desired outcome. 

A digital marketer’s intelligent understanding and conviction will allow the professional to carry out online marketing campaigns for businesses that can yield fruitful outcomes for you and your employer. This will open the doors of innumerable opportunities for you to work upon while proving yourself to be the most competent digital marketer.

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